Voice messaging - With voice menu and voice synthesis

SigmaSMS offers a platform for voice messaging through the clients’ database.

The service itself converts text into voice and calls your customers. System performance is 1000 calls per minute.

Voice messaging is a convenient alternative to traditional mailings.

Voice messaging – 3 easy steps


You download the file with a list of phone numbers to be called


System calls through the downloaded list of clients


The client who will answer the phone will hear the recorded message or will be connected to a manager

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The manager will contact you, clarify the details and register a personal account on the platform for you.
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    Informing about the status of the order for taxis, logistics companies, cargo carriers, etc.
    Reminding clients of the visit. For medical institutions, communal and other services.
    Informing about force majeure and emergency situations. Security, technical enterprises, State Emergency Service
    Automatic calls will help you quickly get customer feedback on service quality.
    Reminding of non-payments, loan repayment periods and other unfulfilled obligations.
    “Clearing” the customers’ database. Operators communicate only with the interested subscribers
    Cascade messaging

    Set up messaging cascading via all provided channels, such as FlashCall, WhatsApp, Viber, SMS.

    Benefits of Cascade messaging:

    • Cost optimization — save up to 70%
    • Use of all multimedia possibilities in one bulking session

    The system analyzes the contact base and send messages via the most profitable channel. Single API to reach your goals.

    Communication channels

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