Viber bulk messaging

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Viber bulk messaging: an alternative to SMS

60 million people in the UK use Viber, and messenger’s audience keeps growing. Viber for business is an excellent alternative to SMS mailing as it provides prompt and high quality communication with clients. SIGMA messaging sends out messages via Viber direct channel, so that they do not go to spam and reach end users.
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    users in the UK
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    of incoming messages are opened within the first 10 minutes
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    of incoming messages are opened within the first 3 minutes
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    is a minimum conversion rate

Benefits of Viber bulk messaging

  • Low price
    With the similar volume, Viber messaging is 60% cheaper than SMS. There are no additional payments for messages sent abroad.
  • Functionality
    Messages from official channel contain company avatar, image, call / ‘Go to the website’ button. Messaging is on behalf of the brand.
  • Legality
    Viber messaging is not prohibited by UK and other countries' legislation. On a direct channel messages will be instantly opened.
  • High speed messaging
    There is no need to limit the length of your messaging text. Give comprehensive information
    to your clients.
  • Variability
    Use different fonts to create a messaging text. Clients will certainly appreciate it!
  • Full statistics
    System compiles the delivery statuses. Estimate
    the conversion rate and the base quality to
    adjust a marketing campaign if necessary.

Viber messaging: capabilities

  • Message length is up to 1 000 characters
  • Company name in the field ‘Sender’
  • Company logo in the avatar
  • Any image attached
  • Call / ‘Go to the website’ button

Viber messaging in numbers

Viber bandwidth 5 000 messages per second
Available delivery statuses 6 main statuses
Maximum message length 1 000 characters
Message delivery speed Instant
API integration Possible
Available multimedia Button, image, avatar, name
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    Cascade messaging

    Set up messaging cascading via all provided channels, such as FlashCall, WhatsApp, Viber, SMS.

    Benefits of Cascade messaging:

    • Cost optimization — save up to 70%
    • Use of all multimedia possibilities in one bulking session

    The system analyzes the contact base and send messages via the most profitable channel. Single API to reach your goals.

    Communication channels

    SIGMA messaging offers a messaging platform via various communication channels. Interact with your customers in a convenient format.
    Reliability, flexibility and benefits are our top priorities.
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