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Cascade messaging — work principles

SIGMA messagigng offers a branded system Smart route for SMS cascade forwarding. Optimize messaging cost and expand its reach by using the service. To set up the cascade forwarding service in your personal account or via API you should determine a channel order, enter a text and start messaging. If one channel does not deliver a message to a subscriber, the service sends it to the other. All Smart route channels are official. It guarantees message delivery to subscribers’ phone numbers available on chosen channels.

Example of customized Сascade messaging

Your order code is 678. Expected delivery time is
10-12 a.m.

Your order code is 678. Expected delivery time is 10-12 a.m.

Your order code is 678. Expected delivery time is
10-12 a.m.

Your order code is 678. Expected delivery time is 10-12 a.m.

How does Cascade messaging cut costs?

A messaging order is set so that channels with minimum pricing are primarily used. Due to it, FlashCall, WhatsApp and Viber messages
are much cheaper with length up to 1000 characters. Smart route technology allows to reduce costs by 4-5 times compared to
SMS messaging.
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    Service messaging starts in the following way: Voice OTP – WhatsApp – Viber – SMS. Messages are sent in a good order.

    Firstly, the service sends a mailing text in WhatsApp. If a message status is “Undelivered” / “Unread” or a subscriber does not have an App, the technology activates Viber. In case of a positive result, messaging is stopped. If not, it goes on, down to the last channel SMS.

    Voice OTP messaging cost is 10 times lower than SMS mailing, Viber is 5 times cheaper. On average, Cascade messaging allows you to save up to 80%.

    Benefits of Cascade messaging

    • Service messaging is 3 times cheaper than SMS.

    • The cost of promotional messaging is 1,5-2 times lower than promotional SMS.

    • API integration provides full automation of messaging process.

    Cascade messaging is an effective way to save budget without any loss of quality. In conditions of constantly SMS price increasing, cascade becomes a viable alternative to other communication channels.

    Communication channels

    SIGMA messaging offers a messaging platform via various communication channels. Interact with your customers in a convenient format.
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