IMSI and HLR-requests

HLR-request (stands for Home Location Register): represents the way to determine the current state of the subscriber's number. The request is made to the database of the cellular company that services the number.

When sending a request, the system does not bother the subscriber and does not inform him in any way that someone is interested in the current status of his number.


The HLR-request allows you to find out:

If the phone number exists, and - if it exists - if the number is active.

IMSI - what is it?

IMSI (stands for International Mobile Subscriber Identity) is an individual number assigned to each subscriber. When subscriber connects a mobile operator, his IMSI is read by the system, after which he is identified.

Using IMSI allows you to secure the transfer of passwords, registration codes and other similar data by SMS.

More precisely, IMSI and HLR-requests allow:

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