Bulk SMS-messaging – is a quality-advertising channel. SigmaSMS company can offer two types of advertising mailing: using our own database or using mobile service providers’ databases.

Sending SMS using our base of customers is an effective way of advertising. Increase audience loyalty, announce promotions, discounts and sales. 98% of recipients open the SMS. Besides, it is the cheapest way to contact the audience. Sending advertising SMS with us is a legitimate and effective advertisement, which works with minimal budgets.

Do you want to attract customers? SMS advertising using providers’ databases will help you! Use the special service “Attract customers who call your competitors.”

Choose your target audience with precise targeting and send messages in a certain area in the city. Such SMS mailing is legal and effective.

Advertising SMS plan works effectively with the help of SigmaSMS. We guarantee a high percentage of delivery as we work directly with key providers. We give honest discounts on significant amounts of traffic.


Service or transactional SMS are messages used to notify clients about different events. Such SMS are being used to notify about banking operations, orders receipt, goods delivery, taxi arrival. They do not lose popularity, as they are a simple and reliable way of informing customers.

SigmaSMS company offers SMS service for the clients at a low price. For business customers, we offer a simple SMS service connection by API. We work with basic protocols and provide free software modules for customers so that they can be quickly connected to the system. Our IT specialists will provide support if necessary and will immediately answer any questions.


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SigmaSMS Company grants free balance for tests to all the clients who register in the system and tops up the balance.
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