Omnichannel Messaging Platform for Business

We ensure effective communication with your clients across a range of communication channels: SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, FlashCall, Cascade.

Be in touch with your customers at all times

Messaging for Business is a reliable and effective tool for customers engagement. SIGMA messaging is an omnichannel platform that allows to establish advanced communication in a user-friendly way. Our competitive advantages are cost-efficient rates,
100% delivery guarantee, personalized approach to each client.

Bulk Messaging for Business
Most effective channels for communication with your clients at one platform suitable for various contents (marketing, OTP, etc.)
  • High conversion rate
  • Low cost of contact
  • Transparent analytics
SMS messaging

Promotional, Transactional and Service Bulk SMS solutions

ImLink provides SMS aggregation, routing and traffic processing enabling our Partners the whole spectrum of channels and messaging features:

  • Global reach
  • Direct Operator Connections & Alternative routing
  • Wholesale and Retail SMS termination
  • High-quality and stability
  • Competitive rates

We do the work of processing text messages to every carrier to be delivered to the end user on behalf of the brand and effectively communicate with its customers via text message.


WhatsApp for business

WhatsApp – the most popular messenger in the world.


  • Effective and convenient interaction channel with clients in a familiar messaging app
  • Incoming messages opening statistics is 98%
  • Instant message delivery and global reach
  • Allows to reduce the cost of publicity up to 5-7 times
  • Customer responses within the session are free of charge

You can send an One-Time Password (OTP) via incoming call.

Benefits of FlashCall:

  • 5 times more cost-efficient than transactional SMS
  • Instant and 100% guaranteed code delivery
  • Global coverage
  • Fast API integration and simple connection via our platform
  • May be implemented to the Cascade messaging
Viber messaging

Viber is one of the TOP 10 downloaded apps of all time with over one billion users worldwide.

Capabilities and advantages:

  • Significant cost reduction
  • Multiple message types: transactional, promotional, conversational
  • Multimedia content transferring
  • 2-way communication with customers
  • Enables Cascade messaging
Cascade messaging

Set up messaging cascading via all provided channels, such as FlashCall, WhatsApp, Viber, SMS.

Benefits of Cascade messaging:

  • Cost optimization — save up to 70%
  • Use of all multimedia possibilities in one bulking session

The system analyzes the contact base and send messages via the most profitable channel. Single API to reach your goals.

Communication channels

SIGMA messaging offers a messaging platform via various communication channels. Interact with your customers in a convenient format.
Reliability, flexibility and benefits are our top priorities.
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