SMS messaging

SMS messaging is a convenient communication channel that is easy to configure and use. It is effective for advertising goods and prompt customer informing, as well as for confirming an account or a registration on the website. Appropriate for commercial and state organizations.

Benefits of SMS messaging

  • High rate of incoming messages opening
    According to statistics, 95% of subscribers open an incoming message within the first 3 minutes after receiving.
  • Information usability
    A mobile phone is always at hand: a client may reopen a message if necessary, check out a promo address or a bonus balance.
  • Instant messaging
    In contrast to outdoor advertising, audio and video clips, SMS messaging does not require additional preparation, such as hiring professional videographers, getting printed material, etc.
  • Target messaging
    Client information for getting a bonus card or signing up on the website as well as purchase history allow you to divide the customer base into groups which receive different content messaging.
  • Clients location targeting
    SMS messaging on a mobile operator customer base ensures sending out SMS to clients around you. Combined with additional targeting, it provides the most effective messaging.

SMS messaging for business: case

What we have:
Sarah is a beauty salon owner.
What we suggest:
Remind of client appointments.
Inform customers on new promo actions.
Increase sales.
Get old clients back.
Attract and keep new customers.
Start SMS messaging by notifying clients of upcoming appointments and promo actions.
Sarah integrates ImLink platform with her CRM.
Then she opts an audience segment in her CRM.
Message text
As a third step Sarah creates a messaging text.
She sends out messages to her clients.
Conversion rate
Finally, Sarah gets the conversion results and increases a number of appointments.

Overall results

By CRM automatic messaging, beauty salon managers have free time for other tasks. The number of clients who made an appointment but did not come, has decreased by 15%. With promo action messaging, 27% of customers left have returned.

Cascade messaging

Set up messaging cascading via all provided channels, such as FlashCall, WhatsApp, Viber, SMS.

Benefits of Cascade messaging:

  • Cost optimization — save up to 70%
  • Use of all multimedia possibilities in one bulking session

The system analyzes the contact base and send messages via the most profitable channel. Single API to reach your goals.

Communication channels

SIGMA messaging offers a messaging platform via various communication channels. Interact with your customers in a convenient format.
Reliability, flexibility and benefits are our top priorities.

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