About Us

SIGMA messaging is a messaging service provider and developer of an omnichannel platform for business communication. Our company is based in the Russia (St. Petersburg), it was formed in 2010. Over the years we have grown to become the leading expert in A2P technologies, rapidly expanding into global market.

We make it easy for businesses to stay connected with their clients wherever they are and enable complex solutions in the field of omnichannel communications.

SIGMA messaging Capabilities

  • Delivering messages in 190+ countries
  • Online chats builder
  • Chatbots builder
  • Flexible pricing models
  • White label partnership
  • All messengers in a single API
  • Global interconnections network
  • API integratoin with any solution
  • Customizable solution to suit business requirements

Exclusive platform features

We have implemented a number of exclusive technologies to ensure maximum outreach and cost saving for clients


Cascade messaging. Save up to 70% of your budget via cascade message sending from the most cost effective to the most expensive channel


Easy integration. Implement messaging functionality into your CRM system, software or website. Supported protocols: HTTP, XML and SMPP. 160+ modules have been developed for popular CRM systems and we continue to introduce new ones


Chatbots. Each channel support the implementation of bots for autoreplies, lead generation, technical support and sales

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