Identifying the operator by phone number and checking the MNP database of the ported (transferred) numbers


Identifying operator serving the ported number is a task of increased complexity, as well as other operations with the transferred numbers.

Why is this happening?

Ported number is a number that was previously serviced by one cellular operator, but now it is serviced by another. In this case, the number itself, as well as its prefix, are completely preserved, and only the operators code is changed.

In English, the abbreviation MNP (Mobile Number Portability) stands for the ability to transfer numbers. Now the abbreviation is used to indicate the possibility of using the old phone number when choosing a new operator.

A bit of history

The first countries to implement the MNP-system were Great Britain and Holland. After that, similar laws were introduced in many countries, obliging cellular operators to provide subscribers with the opportunity to transfer their number. At the same time, the conditions for transferring the number differ. In some countries, such a service is free of charge, in others, a certain duty is charged for this. In the US and Canada, it is possible to transfer numbers from mobile to landline phone, and vice versa (in other countries there is no such possibility).

A service of checking through the MNP database

Checking through the MNP database will help to defy a subscriber whose number you need to send a voice message or SMS. Payment systems, using this service, can accurately determine the address of the account to which the funds will be sent.

If you need to determine the operator that serves a particular number, you can do it completely free of charge on this page.

Using this service, you will receive the following information:

  1. the operator currently in service
  2. whether the number was transferred (and if so, by whom it was serviced earlier)
  3. name of the legal entity, trademark, and region of the operator that issued a SIM card for this number