The low price of contact
The cost of contact with a client is lower than other advertising channels
Replenishment of base of clients
The advertising messaging helps to replenishment the base of clients for the following mailing
95% of opened messages
The advertising message is read when it is received. More people will see your advertisement
High conversion
The conversion of the recipients reaches 5% and the resulting profit covers advertising costs 3-5 times
How does the advertising messaging work
The owner
Of the online store of cell phones
To raise sales
Attract and retain customers
To use SMS advertising.The number of messages is 10 000 SMS. The theme is sale of new iphone
Active and solvent audience from 25 to 40 years
We carry out messaging at the region where the action will be, Moscow
Ivan with SigmaSMS company chooses the audience for messaging
Male buy gadgets more often, so 80% of SMS will be send to them
Clients of the expensive tariffs, who regularly go abroad
Phone firmware
Clients with old iPhones
The average conversion after messaging is 5%, i.e. Ivan received 500 new loyal clients, who bought his product. Also he has 500 new people in his base, who can be offered additional products and raise the average check higher.
We will make an advertising campaign for free

The company manager will make your advertising campaign. He will pick up the targeting settings, launch, check the settings and sends you the result.

Order SMS advertising
on the base of operators
The official advertising channel on bases of operators of «the big three». Targeting is charged additionally.
1,85 rub
is Minimal price for a message
10 000 SMS
is Minimal messaging volume
15 000 rub
is Minimal
messaging cost
By place, up to the address
By Sex and age of the user
By Internet use / mms
By communication costs
Tariff plan
By Using roaming
By content
on terminal networks
Your advertisement on the base of clients on terminal networks. Easy targeting, wide coverage.
1 rub
is Minimal price for a message
10 000 SMS
is Minimal messaging volume
10 000 rub
is Minimal
messaging cost
By the place of payment
By the amount and time of payment 
By mobile operator
Effective mobile advertisement on terminal networks. The advertising message is attached at the end of the SMS notification of funds transfer.
The cost of advertisement if there is a base of clients
We give you 1000 rubles for the advertising messaging by your base

SigmaSMS company gives 1000 rubles for messaging to new clients who register in the system and replenish their balance at 10 000 rubles. Receive a gift by filling the form. The validity of the bonus in 1000 rubles is 1 month. Full conditions of the action you can learn by the managers of the company.

Additional advertising opportunities
Sigma SMS combines all effective advertising methods in one platform. Use an integrated approach to messaging - this is the key how to increase sales and create a loyal base of regular clients.
Get a commercial offer

Leave your contact information. Our manager will contact you and explain in detail about the cost and capabilities of SMS delivery.

Choose the best

Choose the best

Personal <br>manager
We care about every client
Provider <br>with a license
with a license
Responsibility for our work
Direct <br>connection
We guarantee the quality of the SMS mailing
Friendly <br>personal account
personal account
Fast start.
Online reports
Low <br>prices
Reliability, quality, cost efficient