Voice spam burst recorded in Russia

In Russia, there is a spam surge using voice messaging. Attackers use the “call reset” scheme, which prompts the caller to call back and listen to the advertising message. Analyst Telecom Daily interviewed 3,000 Russians and found that 65% of respondents encountered this type of spam.

The scheme of the attackers is simple. An automatic system that calls the given base of telephones is programmed. After the first beep, the call ends. Therefore, this type of advertising is named “call reset.” A person sees a missed call from an unfamiliar number. Calling him back, he will hear an advertisement.

It is impossible to prosecute companies that send this type of spam. Lawyers believe that the current legislation of Russia does not prohibit such calling. Therefore, the number of such voice mailings will increase until the relevant legislation appears.

To prepare the material, the article “A new type of spam came to Russia” was used from the Izvestia portal.

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