ECOM Expo’19 - the largest technology exhibition for e-commerce and retail in Russia and Eastern Europe


240 services for sale’s growth. Industry leading innovations will bring your store to the top among players. Compare prices for services, choose suitable ones and close tasks of the sales department, marketing and others. You have doubts? Ask your question to the representative of the company live, not in a chat on the website.

For beginners: make your store in two days as easily as Lego. We collect in one place the companies from the site and back office to logistics, so that you can save your time and money. And for those who think globally and look in the future, the large geography of exhibitors will help to go beyond Russia. 

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Business program for improving knowledge. The speakers will show the possibilities of the new products and talk about the best methods for their use, name the nuances of tuning instruments that are not talked about on the network, and proven cases for the business. Burning questions on the work of the online store will be discussed on mitaps.

Bonuses for productive relaxation. The exhibition will be visited by 11,000 retail employees, heads of online stores. Make new contacts here, arrange a business meeting with colleagues. For this purpose, we will organize lounge and food courts, as well as a party after the exhibition.

Spring, fresh air and our exhibition will set you up for positive changes in your business. We’ll meet at ECOM Expo’19, at the 22nd –23rd of May in Sokolniki Park, Moscow.

Attendance of the exhibition is free for employees of online stores and retail companies.

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