Beeline operator changed prices


Dear clients!

SigmaSMS company notifies you about a change in commercial conditions for SMS mailing from the Beeline operator (PJSC “Vimplekom”). The new conditions come into force from the 1st of April, 2018.

The operator prepared two significant changes:

  1. The operator changes the tariffs for service and advertising messages.

  2. The service "International Signature" will be introduced. It allows you to use international names of the sender to send messages abroad.

Changes in the operator’s tariff scale force us to correct the price of SMS mailing. The changes will affect the tariffs “No Extra Charge” and “Multisignature”. You can learn the new price from the personal manager and on the page with tariffs.

About good things

Since mobile operators are constantly increasing the cost of SMS mailing, we offer you alternative mailing channels. A distinctive feature of these channels is that the cost of sending is much lower than SMS. They also have additional mailing options. These channels are:

  1. Sending of service (personal) messages to Vk users. An effective alternative to service SMS mailings.
  2. Mailing in Viber. The channel supports service and advertising (multimedia) messages.

Vk and Viber mailings are charged for delivered messages. It includes cascade re-sending of undeliverable messages. If the client did not receive a message in the messenger / social network, then he will receive SMS.

In addition, we implemented voice mailings. In your account, the text is synthesized into a voice. IVR and call re-sending to the manager are also available.

More information about alternative mailing channels can be taken from your manager and on the SigmaSMS company website.

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