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Announcement from partner. Conference Ecommerce – 2019


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Ecommerce – 2019 is one of the most recognized by specialists in Internet commerce and the most visited in Russia conference for online stores, retail and b2c companies.

The ecommerce market is changing today: the share of online sales is growing, new business models and technologies appear, weak companies are leaving and more fast and viable are taking their place.

Time of changes is a time of opportunities; this is the chance to get the best piece of market pie.

How to enter this ‘door of opportunities’ – is the main topic of the year.

At the conference the members share best practices, predict the coming trends according to researches and optimize their strategies. There are four thematic flows: strategies, marketing, business processes and technologies. It will take two full days, October 17-18, plus a bonus day – an excursion to one of the most technological retailers in Europe.

“This is the largest ecommerce event in Russia. Everyone who wants to learn the latest news must be at this conference!”

Country Ecommerce Manager Coca-Cola HBC Russia

“Actually there are two main events of the year – the exhibition and conference from “Oborot”.

As always, there is a large number of members, experience exchange, studying. Every time after these events you need a week to come to your senses and digest the received information. “

The Head of “Trend Telecom” internet projects department.

You can see the program and speakers on the website.

Last year members will get an additional discount.

Take a look at the program, watch the last year video-report and get a promo-code discount: SigmaSMS2019.

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