Affiliate information: Key strategies and development techniques for online Trade at ET 2017


At the 18-19th of October, the World Trade Center will host the largest conference in Russia and Eastern Europe for online stores and retail companies.

The 13th E-Commerce 2017 is the largest professional conference in the field of electronic commerce in Russia. Everything necessary for the development of the company is collected at one point - only once a year! There are best practices and strategies from medium and large businesses that have not been discussed before.

What you can’t miss

There will be a lot of cases, trends and fascinating stories. And what is important - they have never been voiced before. This is a great opportunity to learn the trade secrets of colleagues, discover a new development path and make many useful contacts. The conference offers a solution to current and strategic problems. People come here for new knowledge, communication, practice, strategies for the whole year.

What has changed since last year

We devoted the program in 2017 to simple things, which are ironically not so simple to implement. There is construction of a single system of interaction with the client at all stages, the best cases and methods of implementing such systems and their components. Give pleasure to clients in the “little things” that make up the buying process!

Speakers of 2017

  • Alexander Korovin, Co-founder of Qlean. Section "Management: my most valuable skill of the year";

  • Paul Crieveanu, Marketing director of the Utkonos. Section "Communications and marketing in the Mobile world";

  • Andrei Lukashevich, CEO of Delivery Club. Section “Innovations in logistics and delivery. Implementation cases ";

  • Sergey Dunaev, Deputy General Director of Chip and Dip. Section “Still Transboundary”;

There are 90 more cases from the first hands and heads of online stores.

Register with 45% discount until the end of August! 

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