5+ reasons to visit Russian Affiliate Congress 2017


How can a webmaster automate the purchase of native advertising? How can an advertiser escape common mistakes when working with retargeting in E-commerce? You will receive answers to all questions about affiliate marketing, and this is a good reason to visit the Russian Affiliate Congress (RACE) 2017 conference, which will be held at the 4-5th of October. 

Here are five more reasons to register for RACE 2017:

Reason 1. You will write a scenario of selling video. And also will make an estimate of it and learn about all the nuances of preproduction of commercials. All this is thanks to the workshop from the director of Human Video Studio Vladimir Kobyakov.

Besides the workshop, a panel discussion on usability will be held at RACE with the participation of five real professionals in the field of UI / UX and their impact on conversions.

There will be also other useful workshops and reports with real cases. Minimum theory and maximum practice!

Reason 2. You will get to know British, Canadian, and Finnish affiliate marketing. This time, not only Russian, but also foreign experts from the affiliate industry will speak at the conference. You will receive fresh first-hand information: you will be able to ask questions and get reliable answers from direct participants in the foreign market.

Reason 3. You will talk with representatives of Everad, Doubletrade, dr.cash and other major companies. You will also see the latest developments in the field of mobile, advertising and electronic commerce at the RACE exhibition.

Reason 4. You will see networking in action. Where, if not at a partnership conference to establish partnerships?

Reason 5. You will be able to go home by the new Hyundai Solaris II! Or will leave with the MacBook Pro 13, one of two iPhone 7 or three Apple Watch! The ad1.ru affiliate network at RACE will give away these prizes among registered webmasters. If you become one of them, then you will have chance to become a happy owner of cool devices or even car!

This list can easily be extended. Explore the RACE conference program - and find your reasons!

P. S. From the 29th of September till the 3rd of October, a hellish discount of 66.6% applies to the purchase of RACE tickets! Catch the promotional code: RACE_partners - and buy a ticket as fast as possible!

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