Email newsletters. Features

Marketing email distribution is a powerful tool for raising sales and creating a confident channel of communication with customers and partners. The letter contains a large amount of information, links, attachments and pictures. A variety of multimedia functions makes email a universal solution for a number of tasks.

The email marketing platform of SigmaSMS offers a wide range of automation and personalization options: triggers, data substitution in the letter, creation of subscription forms. The company's email is substituted in the “sender’s name” line, so the client can easily reply to the letter.

Spheres of email newsletters utilization

E-mail solves marketing and information tasks. Why do customers use email newsletters?

Promotional email newsletters:

  • Informing customers about promotions, discounts, competitions;
  • Increase the conversion of an online store. Notification of the "abandoned" basket;
  • Distribution of promotional codes and personal offers for holidays.

Informational email newsletters:

  • Newsletters, information on changes;
  • Service mailings. Verification codes, confirmation of registration;
  • Informing about the service status. Delivery of the order from the online store, changing the status of the parcel, etc.

Features of the SigmaSMS platform

Platform features:

  • A handy online newsletter editor. Create beautiful letters in a visual editor or download ready-made HTML templates;
  • Detailed statistics on the conducted mailings. Information about sent and delivered messages, reasons for non-delivery, number of site visits, click-through card. Unloading the mailings in form of the XLS file;
  • Automation and personalization. Creation of series of mailings, subscription forms, reaction to user actions. Substitution of data into a letter;
  • Scheduling mailings. Ability to specify the exact time of sending
  • Integration by API with software and client’s site

The web platform has a simple and user-friendly interface. The functional is suitable for beginners and advanced users, helping to create effective advertising and newsletters.

Features of working with SigmaSMS:

The company has been working with mailings for 8 years. Our experience allowed us to derive the main criteria for effective work:

  • Professional technical support of specialists;
  • A personal manager for each client. Will help register and understand the intricacies of the work;
  • Attractive price. Advantageous tariffs;
  • Compliance with the laws of the Russian Federation. We consult our clients so that their mailing will be not only effective, but also legal.

The company guarantees:

  • Confidentiality. The company is on the register of personal data operators, which confirms the high level of protection;
  • Platform reliability. Servers work 99.9% of the time;

To start emailing, leave an application for registration on the SigmaSMS platform. A personal manager will contact you, explain in detail about the tariffs and possibilities of the system.

Personal account,
simple registration
Detailed analytics
to achieve results
Convenient segmentation
for effective mailings
Personalizing emails
for better conversion
Automation and creation of
different scenarios
Easy payments and full
reporting for legal entities

Advantages of newsletters


SigmaSMS offers tools for the exact segmentation of the auditorium and conversion increase.


Substitution of any data in the letter. Personal appeal to clients, personal offers and much more.


Collection of key indicators in real time. Accurate performance and ROI evaluation.


Creating scripts for working with clients. Do not miss the buyers!


Technical and marketing support from SigmaSMS


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